Information for Vendors

Become a Vendor

We do not accept 'walk up' applications.
All vendors go through an application process in advance.

The City of Greenwood (herein known as the “City”) intends to provide vending space to eligible vendors with the intent to foster consumption of locally produced fruits and vegetables, support local agricultural businesses and increase consumption of, and access to fresh, local fruits and vegetables.

VENDORS: Eligible vendors (herein known as the “vendor”) are persons or entities that raise produce, livestock, or other agricultural products. A person, processor, artisan or business that sells a product or service that is relevant to farming or food preparation or otherwise enhances the Uptown Market may also be an eligible vendor. Selection of vendors will be based on many factors, including diversity of products offered, quality of products offered, and history of successful operation at the Uptown Market.  No vendor is promised exclusivity or guaranteed the right to return based on prior participation.

PRODUCTS: The City’s goal is to have a diverse product selection during all days/hours of operation.  Preference will be given to South Carolina grown produce.  Value added products are allowed, when produced in a DHEC/SCDA kitchen, including items created by changing the physical state of the agricultural product (milled flour, canned produce, etc.). Vendors may sell produce from other local farms to supplement their own produce ONLY if they have prior written approval from the City. The vendor MUST provide specifics on where their products originate. If there are items in question (such as out of season produce being sold) the vendor will be expected to provide proof of where this item was grown. To be approved, these items must bring some added value to the Uptown Market.  No products making a health claim are allowed for sale without FDA registration. Product approval is to be made by the Market Manager.

RESELLERS: The City DOES NOT intend to allow a reseller to operate at the Uptown Market. A reseller is not a farmer, but is a second party salesperson, selling only fruits and vegetables or other items produced by another business.


The City intends to assign space to eligible vendors during a specified time per day/season.  The City reserves the right to change the season, fees and days/hours of operation. The vendor fee schedule below is outlined in City of Greenwood Code of Ordinances. Vendors with products in multiple categories pay the highest fee applicable.

Farmer/Producers: $40 per year, OR $20 per week, OR $10 per day (Produce locally grown vegetables, fruit, nuts, grains, herbs, flowers or nursery crops from seed or plants. Beekeepers, egg farmers, poultry and livestock producers are considered farmers)

Processor: $60 per year, OR $30 per week, OR $15 per day (Use locally grown produce or other agricultural products to make their products. Examples include jellies, jams, salsas, ciders, and candies. Does not operate a commercial business)

Artisan/Crafter: $80 per year, OR $40 per week, OR $20 per day (Produce original, unique, high quality, safe, garden/farm/environmentally related items which bring some value to the market. All products must be actual work of the artisan/crafter)

All other vendors that do not fit the fee schedule definitions above must have a City Business License. The yearly fee is per calendar year, will not be pro-rated, and expires December 31st. Payment of the appropriate vendor fee or acquiring a City Business License is required before a vendor can sell at market. There are NO REFUNDS.  Adding products outside of the original category chosen once the season has begun will require an additional full vendor fee to be paid.

In order to sell plants, you must obtain a Nursery Certificate from Clemson Department of Plant Industry- here.

For questions about our application please contact:
Gibson Hill, Events and & Market Coordinator 


Several times each year we invite handmade crafts and artisans in any category. Please email to receive updates on these events.