Uptown Greenwood


Uptown Greenwood is alive and thriving and has a unique and diverse offering of shops, restaurants, businesses and services! Throughout the history of Greenwood, the Uptown area has established itself as the very heart of the community. This remains true today, and the Uptown Greenwood Development Corporation (UGDC), partnering with other agencies and organizations working toward the betterment of Uptown Greenwood, and the community as a whole, is committed to the continued economic development and promotion of Uptown Greenwood.  


The UGDC was initially founded as a result of a grant. In 1983, the City of Greenwood received an Urban Development Action Grant (UDAG) to be used for three main purposes.

  • Construction of a two level arcade and canopy
  • Formation of a not-for-profit corporation
  • Establishment of a loan pool for businesses within the Uptown area.

The not-for-profit corporation was to be responsible for repaying a portion of the UDAG funds, facilitation and administration of the arcade and canopy project, and to promote the economic revitalization of the Uptown area.

The projects were completed successfully and the UGDC's revitalization efforts and other services proved to be a valuable asset to Uptown businesspersons and property owners. In order to continue funding of the UGDC, a special tax district was formed. This tax district, referred to as Uptown Greenwood, is defined as the area which falls between the following boundaries: bound on the North by the main line of Seaboard Coastline Railroad, on the East by Seaboard-Pressley Street connector and Phoenix Street, on the South by Harvey and Washington Streets, and on the West by Edgefield Street. Any property or business within these boundaries is considered a part of Uptown Greenwood and therefore, is entitled to have access to the benefits and services of the Uptown Greenwood Development Corporation.  

UGDC Mission: Embracing the future and embracing the past, the Uptown Greenwood Development Corporation will promote economic growth in the Uptown area, coordinate the interest of the Uptown area with other organization and agencies for the benefit of Uptown and the community at large, encourage continued beautification, and sponsor, coordinate, and promote events and activities in order to maintain Uptown Greenwood's position as a focal point of the Greenwood community.



For more information, contact uptown@cityofgreenwoodsc.com.

Uptown Greenwood Development Corporation
P.O.Box 202
Greenwood, SC 29648
(864) 942-8448